I found check valves

grainger.com part number 6d917… if anyone like me has had trouble finding them… you can order them from there

if you have to order them why not order them from hornblasters? and the ones they have are made for our compressors

A valve is a valve i work in the piping industry … as long as u get the right specifactions u can get it anywhere… i had trouble finding it and hornblaster.com didnt have just the valve on the site… maybe in a kit or maybe with a compressor but i couldnt find JUST the valve if you see what im sayin… sorry if i offended u didnt mean to by posting this thread… just wanted to help people out if they couldnt find a part

a valve isn’t always a valve… there are some valves that let more airvolume through. you didnt offent me but just saying if you have to order it why not order it from the people that brought you this great site. hornblasters.com has just about anything you need if its not listed on their website give them a call they have great customer support. a lot of people dont realize that they have a LOT more than is listed on their website.

and just for refrence the valves are listed here

we carry a 1/2" check valve and 3/8" and 1/2" combinational check/unloader valves which I think we get from Grainger, so it never hurts to ask first.

Hornblasters.com ftw!


hornblasters has “hidden products…” lol

lol! Order their diaphrams!

Any luck on diaphragms for “p” series.

i just order the diaphrams for my k5la…waitin for em to come in!

Why do you need new diaphrams for your K5la? Is it because you run your horns at 200 psi? Because i just bought a k5la from hornblasters and plan on running it with a 165/200 psi pressure switch or should i not do this?

thanks man

why is it a good ideah to run check valves

Check valves keep pressure in the tank so it doesn’t back up through the compressor.

You might want to consider an unloader valve to go with it. The unloader releases the pressure from the compressor head after the compressor shuts off so it doesn’t start up under a load. This lengthens the life of the compressor. They must be used with a check valve or the unloader will release even the pressure in the tank.

where can you get the unloader valves

hidden products section of hb ah hahaha jk

HB offers one of our combinational valves (check/unloader) with every Oasis compressor but I don’t think they stock them separately. You can get them from us, I think you can get them from WW Grainger, and I’m sure HB can get them too.

Ours are very torque sensitive to 10 ft/lb. Anything over that will distort the mechanism inside and cause them to leak or not work. When care is taken during their installation they work very well.