I guess I'll post something about me

Well Im from Ohio
I’m 18
I drive a 1999 F250 v10 4x4 with shockers
I also drive a 2002 Mazda Protege5 with a few mods
I also drive an 04 Harley Dyna

anyways sorta newish here love these horns :slight_smile:

OH everytime someone post on here my blackberrys email goes hey someones posting!!! if you dont hurry up and go look at it im gonna annoy the **** out of you until you do!

Nice list of vehicles man and welcome to the forum!

lol that alert message sounds like it would get annoying pretty quick.

you just made me get up and come reply…so i guess im like a 24hour hotline?

ide like to add that i love making beer
i make about 10-15 gallons a week and yes we drink it all

so i claim resident brewer :smiley:

ship some of that beer to NY would ya ! lol

Welcome to the site

Welcome to the forum!
im sure you can take off that warning thing when someone posts… maybe

no beer is all mine.
unless you come here!

and i like the warning thing!

Another fellow brewer here. Haven’t made any in a long time but used to brew with my brother and have since helped a few friends get started in the hobby. My main specialty now is drinking. :slight_smile:

My favorite brew was a raspberry wheat hefeweizen with German hops and liquid yeast imported from England. I first tasted it in Florida and was blown away then later I brewed some of my own and it was just as good. I have temporarily shifted to drinking a glass of red wine each day for my health but I still have some brew now and then.


Welcome aboard Man. Great rides. Oh, and I’d like to add I like to drink beer. LOL

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums!.. take some pic’s of that v10!

I want to get into homebrewing. I got a neighbor or two who are professional drinkers, so I could save them some money hahaha. WTTF Welcome to the forums!

Pissy head hahahaha hmmmmmm

Hey welcome to the forum dude? wot strength is ya beer? send some to the uk!

right now i have breweing a stout almost like a guiness but it has a bit more of a brnt caramel taste…hoping for it to turn out around 6-7% alchohol

and ide like to add a new vehicle to my collection!
a 1960 wheel horse tractor
pics will be coming soon!


How’d you get your dingleberry (I mean blackberry) to send you the email when someone posts?

I’d like to know that too. I get replies from customers & vendors who replied from theirs.

welcome man