I have a hornblasters shoxker kit ...if i wanted more air, 2nd tank?

Can someone tell me if its possible to add a second tank to an existnig setup (and how to do it) to allow for longer pulls of the horn?

I have the shocker set up from HB.com, and it is great except it only goes for a few seconds then needs to refill for good sound. Can you add a tank like this to the mix?


if so, how is it done? Im not askign for an exact wiring and tubing set up, but like is it run in series or something? Is the existign compressor enough to fill both tanks? I know it will take a little longer to get to peak PSI, but does it matter how big of a tank this compressor operates on?

the compressor is this one
Air Source Kit Compressor: Viair 280 Air Compressor
Voltage: 12 Volts
Max Amperage: 16 amps
Maximum Duty Cycle: 30 % @ 100 PSI
Maximum Working Pressure: 150 PSI
Length: 7.8 in (198.12 mm)
Width: 3.95 in (100.33 mm)
Height: 6.35 in (161.29 mm)
Weight: 6.6 lbs (2.99 Kg)

anyone have any ideas?

To answer directly, yes you can do it by plumbing the tanks together. Use tubing at least as big as the tubing to your horns. That’s it - just a line between tanks and plug all the unused ports and use a drain.

However… that is a fairly light duty compressor. It is only guaranteed by warranty to fill 5 gallons. If you are concerned about that, you might just replace your tank with the 5 gallon tank & call it good…or add another 2 gallon tank.

E2E said it perfect…

My current setup consists of 1-viair 380c willing 2 - 5 gal tanks that are plumbed together…

Since my compressor is way out of warranty i took a chance and its working for me. BUT… The 380c is meant for 200psi, and i have the pressure switch to shut off at 150 psi… So with this I am using a 100% duty compressor but not taking it to its full capacity, which is extending the life .

I do have another 380c i just got in mail i have to install tho, so my setup will be within spec and will be quick again.