I hear crickets!

Chirp chirp…

Tumble weed blows by…

LOL Whats up!

This site has gone quiet lately.checked several times and I’d be the only one around. hoot hoot:eek:

ooh look a post whore…lol

word. with our powers combined… we too can make it active :smiley:

twist… ur like the mini post whore of me…lol

That and I need 360 more posts to become Godfather. muahahaha

Dont worry guys I am the soon to be minni post whore of Twist. :wink:

I have been busy getting things ready for opening Bow Season in Ohio (Sept 27). WV season opens up Oct 18th. I am usually pretty scarce come hunting season. I try to get on here at least once a day and check new posts. I am getting a Blackberry Curve for work here soon, so I will be able to post while I am up in the treestand…talk about dedication…lol…

now thats dedication! Lol!

lol…posting while posting…haha

multitasking FTW

when hi-tech goes to the woods! :smiley: