I hope everyone

i hope everyone has a good holiday and if you’re driving, drive safe!
when i woke up this morning that fat old man forgot to leave my K5 under the tree! sooo if anyone wants they can take that Xmas money they got and go to www.horblasters.com and order me a horn. thank you very much! if you need my address let me know :slight_smile:

Damn santa is very nice in koera he left a new holden sandcast k3la.

lol… horblasters doesn’t have any horns for sale :stuck_out_tongue:


you know “life’s a *****” when the fat man leaves some cash and you have to use it to pay the bills. that’s as good as coal in the sock! LOL :smiley:

lol well i guess you will just have to go to www.hornblasters.com i hear they have a good selection. hahaha sorry about that

No wonder you didn’t get those horns from santa you gave santa the wrong place to find them!

lmao! called out by ur mom!! sweet!

haha im about to ban her from here then we will see who is laughing hahaha
im jk mom you can stay.