i hope this isnt the real price


It could be. I’ve seen on another forum where some Nathan’s, Leslie’s, & Kahlenburg’s go for a lot more.

holy crap thats alot of money tho…

hell who wants to buy my horns for 2000? lol

yea thats 4 times what it should be lol…looks like a p5

and i thought that asking 750 for my p5s was alot

Slow your roll, no one has purchased them yet… I’ll bet they don’t sell.

Nah they won’t… especially since that looks to be a new cast. He wouldn’t even get a grand for em.

they definitely look like p 5’s…

deam 2000 lol who the honk will give 2000 for that

Whooo WHOOOOOO haha

I messaged the seller to see what the deal with that was. We’ll see what they say lol

ill sell mine for 2000 and ill even sign it!

Scaredu, the post whore! lol

I guess my message made them mad or something lol or maybe they felt dumb. It’s not on there anymore haha

the guy got on aim lastnight and he asked me what my problem was,i told him that he was crazy for that price he kept askin what price and he didnt realize he put 2000,he meant for the starting bid to be at 200.00 so hes gonna repost them at 200 starting bid

see, if you hadn’t confronted him about the starting bid, it would have taken him a LONG time to sell.

i guess we helped in a way lol

ill still sell mine for 2000 autographed…lmao

i will do the same and send a pic of myself signed aswell