I need help with pressure switches

I need help with pressure switches. I’m looking at horn blasters pressure switches. I would like to know what’s the differences between the vera pressure switch and the premium pressure switch. There’s a big difference in price. The kit that I purchased from Horn blasters came with the Vieira. Question being is the premium a much better pressure switch.

I’m assuming you mean the difference between the Viair and the Premium… I don’t know… They both appear to do the same thing, I see the premium has a spot to screw the pressure switch onto the tank, the Viair (large gray box) doesn’t show it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there…

I really wish I had a better answer than “I don’t know” for you, unfortunately, I don’t have one.

The Vieira does have a piece at the end that screws into a reducer goes into the tank if that makes any sense. To be totally honest I over tightened it and I snapped the brass piece goes into the pressure switch.