i need lots of help!!

I have a Leslie RS-3LR. thats all i know. well not realy, i know i need a tank and such to power it but my question is what makes this horn work the best. Ive heard it needs lots of air flow but psi isnt such a big factor. whats the best tank (gallon size, psi amount) and the best hose size to make this horn function properly? Im a fast learner so tell me everything and i should be able to figure it out. Thanks in advance.

from what i’ve heard leslies are air hogs so the bigger the tank the better prolly 15-20 gallon tank at the least

1/2in valve/airline
atleast minimum 12 gallon tank

Fo sho min of 12 gallons and at least 1/2 air valve…got any pics of that leslie…does it have spiked backs or round backs…

I have a Leslie RS-3-L as well and I blow mine at 145 PSI and no more. Leslies are pretty delicate horns as far as the PSI rating goes. I definitely wouldn’t blow one of those over that. And the size of tank depends on how much you plan on honking. I honk mine enough times on an 8 gallon tank.

very well said “hondaguy”, i seen people blow leslies around 200 psi and then they would need new power chambers…due to the simple fact that they gaskets will crack…i like mine at 135psi…

thanks guys. it has spiked backs. ill try and get pictures up soon.

another quick question is whats the best place to buy parts from? cheapest, most reliable, ect. thanks

That’s an easy one - Hornblasters~!

Hornblasters is great… unless you can find parts at a local shop that way you get it faster.

Parts for your horn? I know a couple of reliable sources for Leslie parts. Cushion rings, diaphragms, whatever. Shoot me a pm and I’ll give you the guys’ contact information.

Sometimes you will see some power chambers and cushion rings and other misc parts on ebay. Got to have a good eye for these things…

no twist… hornblasters.com is always the best way to go :wink:

haha. yes they are a great company

yes indeady feed the needy