I need some Horns and install ideas

Hi all I am a truck driver, but I drive a company truck, company won’t let you modify the truck (Permanent install) so I need ideas on how to do an install that is totally seperate from the truck (able to be removed, not attached to the truck air system, or power)

The stock horn in this truck is WIMPY!!! and doesn’t command respect. I am looking for a LOUD, LOUD, LOUD set of train horns but my budget is about $300. I saw the video for the caboose horn and was wondering if this kit would be the way to go.

Any thoughts would be helpful


You’re going to have to get power from somewhere to operate an electric compressor and electric valve. Use of a manual valve doesn’t solve your problem because you still need to power the compressor.

Since you can’t have this attached to the truck air system or vehicle power (which I take to mean not even via a cigarette lighter connection) … that pretty much sinks the concept, as use of a battery within your mix would only last so long without being recharged by the alternator.

I should be more specific. Can’t tap into the air system or connect to batteries (4) directly. Anything that i can plug into cig lighters (6 of them), plug into 2500 watt inverter or connect to the jump start posts behind the sleeper are fair game. The cig lighters have 20 amp fuses. I asked the bossman and he said have fun just with those restrictions. The have had drivers screw up trucks adding lights, horns, airlines for phneumatic tools.

Welcome to the forum. If “repeatman” can do it on bicycle there has to be something you can do to make it portable.

The jump start posts behind the cab sound like a possibility.
What do they look like?

Welcome. If you can tap into the truck air system, I suggest a simple ball valve, a banjo fitting, some air line plus the four shocker horns. Easy - no electrics, compressor, tank, wiring, or switches to worry about.

Give Hornblasters a call and they’ll sort something out within your budget.

Some pics of the back of the sleeper and jumper posts will help!

Here’s what I’m thinking,

Take a Peice of plywood, get some HEAVY DUTY eye bolts. Space them so you can run a ratchet strap from one eye bolt, around the frame of the truck behind the sleeper to the other eye bolt. Get a 5 gallon tank, a set of shockers, and a viair compressor. Hook it all up and use your jumper posts to get power. All you need then is some kind of trigger wire into the cab, maybe some type of wireless key fob???

I was thinking the same this morning. I think I am gonna put this project on hold for awhile, while I figure out the install. That and I really want to get a set of shockers and I need a bigger budget.

Ok, so with that said, I have a 2002 Olds Bravada with air suspension, and a compresser. thinking I really need to install a set of horns on it first. I was on the way home (in my car) and some jackass tried to pull out of gas station right in front of me.

“Jump Start Posts” I would go with them since they can handle a high power compressor or ever a small portable compressor. As long as the Jump start Posts are 12 volt DC. otherwise might try and run a 110 compressor off of the 2500 watt inverter. Since it IS Fair game with those options.