I need your thoughts on this lol

So a few days before my horns arrived, I was telling this girl at work about them. She thought that they were really cool and was laughing about it and all that good stuff. Well, this other guy, who I guess is in love with her, decides that he wants to try to one-up me by putting horns on his orange Chevy HHR. Here’s the thing, he says he is going to do it by purchasing horns off ebay for under $200. I saw them…they are chrome lol. If he can do it, good on him, but I wanted to see what you guys thought about this and what you believe will end up happening.

He will make an donkey out of himself and the girl will think he is an Idiot. and they will sound like a model train.

u must go buy a k3la you will certainly get laid then…

:cool: those things are really expensive.

x2 :smiley:


if conductors get you a bj, a k3la will let you PIITB and give ATM too;)

he will look and sound like a crying soccer horn

lol horns getting people laid…

that chic better be hot…so post some pics up then ill tell u wat i really think…lol

This will be the first time in history that someone got laid because he was not just horny… but horney as well.

Happy Honking Honky!

Haha Ya I heard that the tone of the Shocker 4 triggers hormones in females, making them squirly…well from my experience ;).

yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh. come to think of it, i do get a lot of screaming when i honk…giggity giggity!

install horn to impress a girl? this the 3rd grade?

well get the k5la, and u can just blow their clothes off…

They will sound like a bike horn…she’ll be all over you !!!

lolol a bike horn

haha… too funny

i’d like to put a ooga horn on a bike lol

id like to get a k5la protron pack like the ghost busters…LOL

hahahaha a proton pack

dont cross the streams