I pulled a stupid today =P

Well long story short I have airbags on my truck and was test fitting my horns under the truck n wanted to see if they would fit with the truck all the way down on the ground. I got the switchbox and started lowering it and CRAAAACCKKK!! stupid me forgot the HB4H’s were under the truck :stuck_out_tongue: only two of them cracked slightly but they still work fine. I was so pissed lol
Lesson learned.

damn that sucks man. Call matt maybe he will replace it for you.

haha ive had plenty of those moments, i was putting my LED underbody kit on and i put one of the side tubes under the car to test fit, well i forgot it was there and i ran it over with my car…luckily they were flexible plastic and still worked :slight_smile:

There’s a small 1" crack at the end of one of the trumpets. Should I seal it up so it doesn’t make a bigger crack or should it be fine?

id glue/seal it atleast, its better than nothing…

take a 1/8" drill bit and drill a hole at the end of the crack… this will keep the crack from spreading… then use some abs pipe glue to glue the crack back together… you can get abs pipe glue at home depot…

damn…good thing u were lowering it down and didnt SLAM IT .

i think hornblasters will cover that for you just give them a call

dam man that blows