I think I finally finished my truck.

Horns were about the only thing I didn’t have…so I added the Shocker 4 kit today.
I welded up a crossmember to mount everything but the compressor on…it’s removable with just 2 bolts except for the compressor…which is tucked up above a crossmember to keep it out of harms way. Instead of using the stock horn button I used a left over nitrous purge button on the dash.

It’s installed in my '04 Ford Super Duty with a twin turbo Cummins conversion…along withone or two other mods.

Matt…this is Richard. Doug’s friend you met at the TS Outlaw race this year.
I bought this kit with the money I won at the Dallas Bull Bad A** truck show in tampa a few weeks ago…Doug told me you were there…guess I never saw you.
Anyway…I took their money and made good use of it…thanks for the nice product.

holy sh!t man! that truck is badass… a truck just like that runs around my city on bags

i like the truck… engine bay looks nice… not big fan of the coffee can exhaust but it looks good…
nice choice on horns! and welcome to the boards!

no choice on the big exhaust…it’s 5" from the primary turbo on back.
These 700+ hp diesels just won’t exhale through a 2 1/2" pipe. LOL

ooh didnt know the turbo was in the back… then i understand it…

Actually both turbos are on the passenger side of the engine…the one you can see in the pic is my small (secondary) turbo…there’s a much larger primary turbo directly underneath it…it uses a 5" downpipe into a 5" exhaust system. Nothing smaller will work.

ever take it to the track?

Bad donkey!!! and Welcome!!

Nice truck and clean install. Looks good

Glad you made it to the site Rich. FTW blows now.

hey , sweet truck .you have a ton of money in that truck I seen you in diesel magazine. you have a cummins motor in a ford truck. but guess what I like it . good job man

That is badass!

i love that fummins man i think thats the best truck mix along with a allison tranny.how much you pushin hp wise and you got any vids of her?

nice. very nice

dude i still love your truck. lol next time you come to a TTS meet or something we’ll have to see who’s are louder

Awesome awesome awesome truck. cummins F250’s are the best combo…ford makes a great truck, the cummins makes mean, reliable power. What tranny are you running? 24v cummins or newer? I’m sure you’ve tracked it what’s it run? Mid 700’s I’m guessing right around a 12 flat? :cool:

Matt and myself stopped by the Dallas Bull car show, but there weren’t that many trucks and they wanted $10 a person. We decided we would walk around the outside and save that money for beers at the winghouse ;).
Keep in touch with us. If you ever need anything else just PM me.

i mean this in the nicest way… YOU SUCK!.lol just kiddin, thats one badd donkey truck man. how much you spent on that *****? i gotta know some specs, please post your 1/4 mile 1/8 mile 0-60, vids, whatever you got…