I think my boyfriend is cheating on me...

My boyfriend has been acting rather suspicous lately. Over the past 2 months, he claims that he’s been “hanging out with the guys after work,” which he NEVER did before. He also sometimes goes out on Saturday nights with the guys to go bowling (how ghey!)

He also started taking showers right away when he comes home. Usually he used to take one before going to bed or soemthing, or take one with me for that matter. I’ve noticed him taking his cellphone into the bathroom with him on a few occasions too.

Speaking of his cell phone, I once picked up his phone and he totally flipped out and snatched it out of my hands. I just wanted to see what time it was!!

So on this one Saturday night he said he was going to hang out with some friends. When he left out the front door, I went out the back and came around the side of the house. I got to my car and crouched down behind the back bumper. It was at that moment that I heard this hissing sound coming from inside my car. Any suggestions on how to find and fix an airline leak?

Soapy water for the leak. Heck if you can hear it, that’ll tell you where to start.
Then tighten/fix/replace depending on what it is.

Oh yeah & bleach for the BF. .lol… Did I say that?

Quoted from another forum. to fix an air line leak
"Heres a short how to on what you can do to repair a popped air line on the side of the road.

your going to need
air line
jack if need be
2 1/2 inch ptc unions im using 1/2 because thats the size air line I have you’ll need what ever size union that matches your air line.

you should have this stashed away in you vehicle even if you don’t need it you might be able to help a down brother some day.

If its a pin hole leak you can simply cut the air line out so theres a small gap make sure the your cuts are as strait as possible and free of burs

now simply push to connect

if the air line is split or has a large hole cut the air line so the hole is removed then cut your self a fresh chunk out of your spair air line. then use the 2 ptc unions to connect your air line

not shown is a piece of heater hose i carry to. If the air line popped due to it rubbing on some thing you can put the heater hose over the air line. This is only a temporary fix designed to get you home. Once your home remove the patched air line and heater hose and fix it correctly ;)"

as far as your air
leak locate the leak
and then go from
thare as of as repar
hope it all works

Hate to say it. But that is the toll tale signs. Unfortunately guy’s start to think with their other brains. Sorry you have to go threw that BS. Dude should man up and tell you. So you can get on with your lives. AS for leaks make up a soapy solution and spread on the fittings. Push to locks if you have them will leak if the pipe is not cut straight.

Good Luck

Dump him now.

I’m not sure you should jump to any conclusions even though he’s acting suspicious but if he’s messing around behind your back, he’ll make a mistake someday and that’s when you hit him over the head with a frying pan while he’s asleep…hahaha.

These guys have already told you how to find the leak.

i have a penis :cool:

Damn… you beat me

sounds like they covered the leak, as far as the boyfriend problem, is that a joke or are you serious about that?

follow him and when you catch him redhanded honk your horn…thats what i would do!

Any man that cheats on a girl with train horns is an idiot.

thanx for the advice guys
and hell yea, when i catch him he’s gonna go deaf :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed with soapy water to find the leak…

And as for the other main issue

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hahaha, someone edited my post…

Dang, and here I thought she was just joking cause of the switch to the leaky lines.

If he’s cheating on you, Icy Hot liquid applied to the toilet seat before he sits down to use it … and yes, yes I am evil.


buy one of those really cheap GPS cards with the batteries that you can turn on and throw under his seat or just hide somewhere in his car/truck. after a night or day of suspicion go out grab it, plug it in to your computer and download his tracking. then go to each place and scope out the area. Don’t be naive about the situation but also dont go crazy about it.

Hire a Private Detective along with a Hitman

Gee, I wish I still knew that guy who said he would put people in the hospital for only $50 but that was over 10 years ago.

hey do u guys have a shared computer or u have access to his computer?? i know some sweet u can do…
i found out one of my exgf was cheating on me this way…
PM and penis

thanx for the ideas, but I think I’ll poison his hookah :stuck_out_tongue:

…and he will lose his crown