i uped it up for now

I upgraded my train horns yesterday. Went to a 5 gal tank for now and a Viair 380 compressor, looks bad donkey and now my horns are at 200psi they are so loud. moved them from my roof rack to the front…

old tank and new one:

now i can air up tires or even run tools:

horn location:


3 way switch, so if i want stock horn on regualr horn. i honk it from the steering column:

did you add the new tank to the existing system as that would give you a little extra to work with?

Just be aware of Viair’s recommendation for only using 5 gallons per compressor.

oh no just added the 5 gal…took the old one out

what can i say… we do fabulous installs…

sweet thats my hand with the gold lol

LOL so how bout an hour after the install the air line got to close to the muffler and bunred holes in couplle places…so im waitin on will to get the airline today and were gonna reroute it… so no horns till then =’(

Awh jeeze that sucks! Nice setup BTW! Do you have a small plastic piece that goes on behind your grill around your hood latch? Perfect place for some lights…:wink:

no :frowning: in the last pic that exactly how the grill is… i think im puttin my bumper back on today well see how it goes

if someone would have zip tied the airline…

thats what im sayin ehsan…dirt dont hurt

5 gal 200psi FTW! lol

LOL and yes this fukin shizt is amazing! DO NOT RECOMMEND THE 150 PSI to anyone… WE NEED TO RECOMMED THE 200 LOL

haha 200psi hell yes! i felt like i was the only one who like 200psi…

install looks alot better! almost looks like my old s10 install… same spot…first nite after installed i drove around for few hours scaring people, and we forgot to zip tie one section of the air line and he too got burned up and had to order new airline… which was fine with me, cuz i upgraded the air line to bigger size anyway

200 psi its the poop

200 psi ftw!! and its quite amazing to live just a short drive from hornblasters warehouse… up and honking in no time! dont have to wait for the mailman!

I must be the only one with 150.

yup,i have 11 k bells at 200 psi and its crazy loud

Sounds like psi envy… :eek:


dude u need to upgrade i mean like right now!

lol na 150 is the poop