I want a horn

Kinda sounds kinky but I want a horn. :smiley:

Get one from www.hornblasters.com :smiley:

Get one from www.hornblasters.com

You wont be sorry. The prices on the kits are awesome compared to other “wanna-be horn sellers” and the customer service is top notch. Take the plunge and you wont be sorry. I bought the Conductor Series and I am loving it, not a single problem and installation took a few hours. Now with this forum, you will have expert advice and tips 24/7.

Yeah that’s pretty much it, I mean, there’s a lotta jokers out there selling “Train horn kits” with super inflated outrageous decibel claims, no phone numbers or contact information on their website, no support, no feedback, just blowing out cheap-o air horn kits out of really inexpensive imported parts and really screwing over a lot of people. The facts are this, We’ve been around for a long time, if not the longest (check our domain registration by doing a whois search on our domain hornblasters.com by going to netsol.com, then checkout older versions of our website on the internet wayback machine at archive.org as you can see, we’ve come a long way) The competition talks dirty, we let our horns, and our customers (and return) customers do the talking for us.

Hornblasters kits are the best… Way better then any of those horns you see at truck stops… And matt is a great guy to deal with… Plus I believe hornblasters kits come with a life time guarantee on their horns…