i was scared

last night my buddy just got back in town and he wanted to hear the leslie so i met up witth him right out side of city limits and hit it only about a 3 second shot when i hear one of thoselittle electric air horns go off. didnt think much of it untill two cops pulled up haha they asked if we were honking a horn i said yes and he asked me to put my hands out. im thinking im goin to jail when all the suddon he slaps me onn the wrist and says dont do it agaiin right about that time he ask me to hit it again so he can hear it it was funnt we talked for about 20 min then we all went our ways.

Thats awesome! We need more of those cops around.

Thats awesome! We need more of those cops around.

lol i know it was cool

That’s pretty cool.
I never heard of that - a literal slap on the wrist from a cop.
That’s funny. Are both horns working or just the big one?

just the big one right now i just talked to tommy about 30 min ago he is goin to get that back tab in the mail tomarrow morning! im jacked up

That’s who I bought all my horns from…good guy.

hahaha!! classic

Atleast the cop was in a good mood. :smiley: