IDK where to put this, receiving spam

Phifuri09 on this forum sending me spam message about russian brides lol

i’ve seen that multiple members got this message too

Hi Squrt431;Land Bruiser;jam420;mrdiameter™;jelle2503!
I have found recently an interesting site. Probably this site will be interesting to you.

Problem taken care of… If you have any other problems please let me or any other mod know.

aw, I wanted to lay down teh hamma

Here’s your chance Twist:

The latest is “news213” … Spambot MF

darn, I didn’t get any Russian bride info : (


I just got one in my pm… smething bout viruses on my computer and it wanted me to click a link… the member was bannedallready tho so it looks like he was taken care of…

I think the forum should turn a mod having to allow a new member to post… If the new member can verify something like there email or similar , then they can post… oither wise these spam bots are going to keep up the crap.

just got another in my pm… guy by the name as forumComrad, says i got a virus or some crap, there has to be a end to this crap.

^ teh hamma has been slammed

ForumsAdministrator- is another piece of scum… PLEASE put a block on people being able to sign up w/o mod approval… A couple of my other sites are like that where a mod has to approve them to have posting privledge…

most of these asshols are easy to spot being there all trying to have a name with administrator or something alike in them…

yea, I got the same spam. This is getting out of hand.

i got yuet another one from same guy 3 hours later in my pm… 4 am today…

ForumTeamSupports- is another new spam bot… PLEASE MAKE POSTING FOR NOOBS “ADMIN APPROVED”

I will even volunteer to approve people if you want! This has to stop. Its really running down the forum…

I think if for the first couple days they could only post in a “newbie” section, and had to introduce themselves first. That would probably be the solution to it all.

RazzorrMan - is the latest.

And no PMs!

Just got another one now, this is getting out of hand.

Got one from the same bot.

Can you turn off PM’s for those with less than, say, 15 posts? I’ve seen it done on other forums and they required a minimum of 10 posts (example: Diesel Bombers).


I just got a spam from moderatorTeam. Is anyone else tired of the bullsh!t. Can someone take care of this already!

Got 2 today




Makes me not want to be on this forum anymore…

I’ve gotten all of the same PMs, but thanks to this thread I haven’t actually opened any as I always check here first.

Seems like a concentrated effort to make people avoid this forum. Must be from someone with small horn complex! :wink:

I’ve decided to ignore PMs, unless I know the sender or was expecting a PM. Eventually they will tire or the administrators will kill it.

By the way, how come my buuuell horn in my sig always shows up as *****?:confused: