ill just leave this here

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whos the pansy with sand in his vagina?
nice video, but would be better if the guy liked horse power and speed

nice vid ! bet the douche in the passenger seat would have shizit himself if the driver really wound it out good :smiley:

Sounds like my dad yelling about my system.

that kid sounds like hes not old enough to have an m. much less the horsepower freaks turbo kit. still funny though

robert…robert, god damnit robert…hahahaha…robert

I want hpf kit for my car SO freaking bad :frowning:

That kid is a pussy

dosent really even look like hes going that fast

rofl that guy has no balls what so ever.

no balls at all but still funny as poop just listening to that guy freak out…im almost crying im laughing so hard! Sounds just like my dad if he would have rode with me in my Eagle Talon TSi AWD, i was nutz in that car and it was about 300hp and thats 1/2 of that car

Nice vid. Check out the girl in the Supra on the other videos. Cute and freaks out. lol

Is that your car?

Christ at least hit triple digits…