illigal in the Netherlands?

hi guys,
i want to buy an trainhorn kit for like $750 but i live in the Netherlands.
now my question: is it illigal?. is it illigal in the US?

No haha. just be aware of who and were you honk at… I have never been caught thus far

it is illegal but like twist said “just be aware of who and were you honk at”

yeah just have a swicth to turn from the stock horn to the train horns.So if you down one day get pulled over you can act dumb about it and the cops will let you go,thats what i

cops are not dump remember that

ok thanks guys i gonna buy it.

i live in NL :slight_smile: i have the Shockers 240XL kit

it is illegal to have a horn that blows at 150dB… likely if you’re ever get caught, you’ll have to turn in the horns …

and my dad told me he knew someone scaring people with his trainhorn… cops seized his car and give him a fat ticket over it :slight_smile: so watch it

finally someone dutch :stuck_out_tongue:

is het makkelijk te installeren?(ford focus, de nieuwste) en hoe zit het met APK

translate: is it easy to install? (ford focus, new version)


beetje APK meester boeit het niet, zolang er maar geen Wilhelmus uitkomt… eentonig is prima… ik heb gwoon mijn standaardtoeter nog, drukknopje voor de shockers…

gwoon standaardtoeter laten klinken op de APK.

ikzelf heb op mijn Swiftje de boel ingebouwd in 6 uur tijd, vrij makkelijk, ook de bedrading. gewoon ff goed die manuals doorlezen, weten wat je doet (ikzelf heb ze 5 a 6 keer gelezen)

now we need a dutch translation program too…lol

thats right lol can you translate this!!!

okay i make it short:
you will bust at the vehicle testing regulations.

Heey gasten!
Finally found something that’s Dutch!
Anyone know how you can get these horns in Holland?(bij help and support kon ik niks vinden over de kosten van verzenden naar Nederland…) is there a dealer, or can you just order them online?


Welcome. (translation - I could not find anything about the cost of shipping to the Netherlands)

Hornblasters should be able to tell you what the shipping costs would be for each kit.

“Stinkypete” started a horn business in the UK so maybe he can give you an estimate of shipping costs.

Awesome, thank you! I’ll check it out!

It is Illegal here in Cali! It fall under “Horn on vehicle makes too loud harsh or unnecessary Noise”. But I have mine all hidden. Haven’t been pulled over for it… yet. :stuck_out_tongue: