I'm am thinking about hosting a air horn/train horn meet!

I want to hold a meet in Daytona Beach behind Steak and Shake on International and Nova. This meet would be held on Saturday, January 10th. The meet would start at 8 pm and continue on until everyone decides to leave! Who all would be interested in showing up?

Dang. Way too far for me. Great idea though!

LOL! … what am I supposed to say E2E? :rolleyes:

Heck, I dunno. I probably seem like a whine-tit in your eyes.

I would love to go to a meet…but anything outside my state I cant really do.

^^ I’ll be in AZ for X-Mas

Haha really! Where abouts?

If you know anyone knows anyone in Florida please share this with them!

Couple hours South of you I suspect. Fly into Tucson to visit Green Valley.

I guarantee there are people on this forum in Florida. :wink:
cough cough Hornblasters

To far D:

That sucks. lol

I think I’m the only guy in the Boise, Idaho area with train horns.

Except the occasional train, of course.


Im in West Palm

Darnet! Too far from me :frowning: