Im an LED crackhead...

Converted all my interior light to flat head LEDs, custom made on boards by me
i havent figured out how to use my cam at night yet…cost $15 total

You’re not the only one.

EVERY Halogen Bulb on my Truck has been converted to LED. I got LED Tails, Back-Up Lights, Domes, Turns, DRL’s.

HID Lows & Fogs.

same here. only thing on my truck that isnt LED are my blinkers and thats cause im saving for LED tails. i even did my gauge cluster. that was a PITA

the only thing that sucks about my car is everything i have to make for it! o well thats what makes it fun, next im going to add lighting around the inside of the car connected to the dash lights so they are on when the headlights are

Buy them from me. When I started my business I used to hand make every part I sold. I still have some custom stuff I make, but man its so much better not making them anymore. Just too much of a time consumer.

What is your name?


That’s awesome! I need to change all my lights to LEDs too! I finally have enough lights on the front of the truck!

i have 13 lights in the fornt of my truck lol

the silver truck has 14 lights.

Sweet! You can never have too many lights!

i hate to get hit by that truck…ouch

who makes that bumper?

Yeah I’m really diggin’ the bumper too! Looks great man!

Thanks guys. It’s made by Warn.

Warn Heavy Duty Winch Bumper

Very nice, you got a winch behind it?

Not yet. I’m saving up for a Warn 16.5ti. I’m kinda’ broke from buying the bumper, so the $1700 winch will have to wait.

not bad… if i wanted a bumper idk if u heard of them but shrockworks would have to make mine… and they cost about $700. but i think i might be sellin it soon so i dont wanna drop that

Gettin’ rid of the Xterra? What are you thinking of buying next?

ya i dont like it anymore… btw i fixed that squeaking noise i thought it was a pulley that was messed up but it was just a belt lol. But i think im gettin a 2005 F-150 4 Door 4x4 and jacking it up

Sweet, the air is much better up here…