I'm baaaaaaaack......(new to me truck)

Well folks, after some major electrical gremlins with my Denali…I sold it and grabbed another Trailblazer SS. I had a white Trailblazer SS prior to the Denali, a few of you might recall…and had my P3’s on it. The install should be pretty straight forward, since it was pretty simple to get it all in the sparewell of my last TB. Just looking for the motivation to get them on now. :stuck_out_tongue:

This was my previous white TB/SS…I plastidip’d the wheels black shortly after this pic.

Long story short, I made scrap of the aluminum LS2 block…these things are prone to bearing failure since it has a front-sump oil pan. I put a fresh rebuild in and sold it.

After searching, I found this 2008 Denali for a hell of a deal. I immediately put the ESV Cadillac 22" wheels on it, then my P3’s. Loved it…til the gremlins surfaced. That is more than I want to type, but it drove me crazy…so I got rid of it.

Now I’m back in this TB/SS. This is Imperial Blue, really hard to find color. This is a 2007, I got it from the original owner with only 39k miles! And its a virgin, but I’ve already started doing some small things. Just looking for a day with a decent temperature outside…and the P3’s will be installed again. :smiley:

Love that deep blue!!! Any plans besides the horns?

Just put on exhaust, probably do a few more bolt-on mods…then some cosmetic stuff to clean things up. Nothing major…at least in the near future.

Finally getting some motivation. For the best install of the air tank, I need to drill two holes in a cross-member. Since I don’t have a good drill, a friend will be on the way shortly with a good drill and bits. Then its go time…:cool:


Welcome back!



Chose a permanent home for the momentary switch this weekend, got it mounted up now. Since I normally drive with my right arm resting on the console, this is perfect for that quick need of horns. :smiley:

I like that placement a lot.

I concur.

… such a wee little button, but boy it’s got a voice! :smiley:

Thanks fellas. :cool:

Can’t wait to get some new video drive-by’s… :smiley:

Might I add this entire setup is now on its 4th vehicle of mine, and March 2015 will be 5 years on these components. I freshened up my Vaair pump last year, and just replaced my SMC valve. I might add I use my horns quite frequently, and I live in one of the most unique areas for weather in the USA…if not a greater area. A good testament to these parts. :slight_smile: