I'm back, what did I miss?

Been gone for a while (forum says last visit was Dec 2013 :smiley: ) You know, work and life stuff.

So, what’s new?

Are there still people here that remember me? :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m still rocking the shocker XLs I bought back in 2010.

Welcome back, there are a few of us left.

Welcome back matey, I remember you!:smiley:

That’s about the same year I got mine - bloody tough horns. I don’t think they’ll die anytime soon, although my No.1 trumpet got a bit hot on the last car and warped a tad.

Anyhow, welcome back. The landscape here has gotten a bit quieter over the years, but essentially much the same.

Good to see the old ones are still here :slight_smile:

Here’s some stuff I have been doing to my car lately.

I tinted my 240W led lightbar yellow to hopefully have better visibility in the rain or fog. I have had the lightbar for a while now and is attached using custom aluminum alloy mounts that I made that bolts on factory roof rail holes.

My lightbar is controlled by this board which is linked to my headlight blinkers with some timing and delays so that it will only work when I need or want it to

And while you are all busy with train whistles. I just added a police whistle on mine. :smiley:

OK, you’re going to have to give us a demo of that whistle in action.
What’s that silver gizmo with the holes you got in front of the whistle?

^^^ agreed! We demand to know!:smiley:

HAHA… you tell it like it is :smiley:
If I had to guess Stinky, it looks to me like a home made way to bleed off some excess air pressure before it hits the whistle. Maybe a bit of round pipe flatted on one end. Full tank pressure on the whistle is probably too much.

I guess the main man will tell us soon enough :slight_smile:

It’s a way to convert the 130PSI tank high pressure, low volume air into low pressure, high volume airflow.

Too much air and it doesn’t sound like a whistle but rather a distorted whine.

It uses a 4mm air tube into a thin brass tube with about 0.5mm hole in it. The high velocity air coming out sucks air from the side holes and moves a lot of low pressure air. The black tape is my temporary way of adjusting air volume going into the whistle for best sound.

It uses so little air that the 2gal tank lasts forever :slight_smile:

I have not taken a video yet but once I do I shall post it here.

Welcome back!

The topics in my signature are the interesting things you missed, including my whistle.

Nice job on your whistle.

Nice! My horn system had been pretty stagnant this past few years but were still in constant use. Saved me a lot of times on the road :slight_smile:

Sooooooooo where’s the vid of your whistle??? Lol:D

i would love to see the police whistle in action!

Wheres the whistle vid???:d

LOL Sorry, haven’t had the time to take a vid. :slight_smile: I will post one once I get the chance I promise

Your people await! Lol

I don’t have vids of the whistle in action but here’s a compilation of some of my dashcam moments :slight_smile:


sweet :cool: 2013 huh? since then I had…

  1. installed Nathan airchimes on my old truck. (which I sold :frowning: still got the K5’s )

  2. got another car.

  3. CRAMMED a nathan airchime K3HA onto my Honda accord.

  4. made people crap their undies.

  5. installed my old shockers on my dads Honda accord.

  6. my dad made people crap their undies.

  7. about to add another compressor (Viair380-c) to my current set up on my honda. :smiley: