Whats up all! I’ve been away from the forum for to long! I got my new truck before christmas and since then I really havent been on here. Although I havent been around dosent mean I havent been craving and working on my horns!

Just a quick update. I will be posting up pics soon of my setup, but i currently have a new 12 gal. tank installed in bed. No cpmpressors hooked up yet. Ghetto filling from my compressor in garage and have the reserve now… This is only as of sat its up and honking! I have a set of dual grovers installed in the bumper and they sound amazing. Deep and attention grabbing. currently controlled by the horn button on steering wheel and can be turned off with the switch i have mounted under dash.

In the near future 3 weeks, i will be on vacation and plan to install the K3LA yet again in this truck. Still trying to figure out how to run air into the cab to meter the air. Trying to do things right with this truck and setup. trying to stay away from short cuts but i had to hear some honking! :cool:

As I just posted that I noticed the firebird still in sig picture. That car is sold! And its been funding my truck acc. so far. lol

You drill a bunch of holes in that new truck yet?

K3 on the manifold, or separate brackets?

Well i got the tank mounted / bolted in and got a 1/2" hole in bed wall for airline for grovers. lol.

Are you still selling that k5 manifold? im thinking of turning my k3la into a k5la… and or possibly just using the k5 manifold to mount the k3 for time being… trying something new with this truck.

Welcome back sir! :smiley: Since you been gone, I have secured a set of K5’s, not physically got them yet, they are sitting at my brothers house 300miles away.

Awesome! I’m really enjoying these dual grovers right now.very deep and attn grabbing.
I can’t wait to get my K3 hooked back up!
in the mean time tho I went on ebay the other day and found a Grover emergency horn. Guy didn’t know if it worked so I threw a low price at him and he bit… so fingers crossed that its a stutter horn and works! That combined with the dual grovers should be awesome.

Welcome back! (Coming from me who has been away for a LONGER time) I still can’t believe you don’t have the compressors hooked up yet… Slacker!

Welcome back sir!

Oops, I thought I had already said it so here’s a belated welcome back!

LOL, i know… Its funny tho cause i havent filled my tanks in a couple weeks and i use the horn a lot! these grovers take no air and are loud! i still got at least 80+ psi in there… The sun helps during day also to pressurize it for me, lol.

I have so many projects started and cant finish one! almost done remodeling the washroom… theres not enough hours in a day and when it seems like im catching up something hits the fan… Or i end up getting a sinus infection in the middle of summer like this last weekend! This was perfect weather to do it to!

Update! Just stopping in to say HI! Been away to long, still love my shockers! Plans for this year are to install the K3LA! Shall keep yall posted

Ello again lol:D