im crying

damn mustang
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LOL…who forgot to take their medication?

yes the guy is off the meds for sure.saw that vid over on custom tacos.

wow…just honkin crazy…

That guy is crazy. funny, but crazy.

this guy would be a riot to hang with

thats what i sound like taking a poop

that dood is crazy

Meth all I can say lmao.

Nemesis… oh Nemesis… muahahahaha

Favorite part is when the Mustang spins out and he goes on his twisted laugh spree lol.

yes that is mine as well… sounds like how my roommate would sound when he goes to the track.

That guy seriously sounded like he was on meth or something lol.

Yes he did. Which made it all the more funny to watch

i kinda get like that when im riding on my bike tho…lol
i talk to myself a lil bit.,gotta entertain myself…haha

Im kinda wondering about you now scaredu lol.

scaredu is on crack or meth… either way we will see him in the next leprechaun video lol

Dont fall into the trap scaredu noooo!

It could be a crackhead… Whoo Whoooooo

haha…u guys are funny!