I'm in the BIG league's now!

UPS just delivered the rest of my BIG KID’S equiptment. today I received the 20gal air tank & twin pack of viair 400c quick fill pumps.honestly all this gear dwarfs my old set up. the tank is HUGE, the pumps are BIGGER & the
K3HA is absolutely BIG !![SIZE=“2”]just can’t wait for the weekend to put this BIG LEAGUES KIT together and "shake things up " in Orange Park!

Just like Christmas time!:smiley:

exactly sir !!:smiley:

AWESOME…congrats on the kit

That’s what I am talking about.

k3s are awesome horns!

Glad you are happy man. Put up some pics and videos when you get everything installed. We can’t wait to check it out.

got some of the hardware & aluminum for the tank/pump mounts.couldn’t get too much done with all the rain from FAYE swirling round my place.will try and complete this weekend & post pics .video doubtful as no videographer around.:smiley:

20 GALlONS!!! Man your gona be able to blow your horn for like 2 days befor you even have to refill it . lol. its gona be sick

Its gotta be like driving around with the tank the size of a gas tanker behind ya!!!

But fair play to ya…get some vids up asap:)

Way to raise a post from the dead.

well thats what new people are for , so blow me,