im looking to buy my first train horn

im looking to buy my first kit. want it to be less then 300$ and include everything i need. any good kits that people want to sell or that i should look for on ebay or something? i would like a loud one of course.been wanting one for a while so i figured ask a few people who have been using them.

Does this $300 kit have to include horns? If you want cheapo horns that sound great, get the Grand General triple chrome horns for $150 from Amazon or for even cheaper from a truck stop. They sound like this. You won’t find a decent air system big enough to run large air horns for under $300 though.

The kit i got was about $360ish shipped from

It’s the 145psi Rocker kit

I mean, it’s no K3 or K5, but it’s pretty damn loud for the price! And this comes with everything you need except an external ‘honk’ button. You can pick up a momentary switch from radio shack for about $4…unless you want to wire it into the steering wheel.

i would like a good kit for about that price. the rocker looks nice. im looking at it. if i bought the grand general horns. what air system would i need for them?

Grand Generals would go nice with a 5 gallon tank. You can get that for a decent price on Hornblasters or Superiorhorns. The HB ones have bigger ports though so they are worth the extra $20. As for the compressor, unless you are planning on honking them a LOT in one session, get the Viair 325C. Watch the duty cycle though. It does have thermal overload protection but it’s still good to be safe. Make sure your air system has all the appropriate parts - it will NOT be under $300.

i run 3/8 line(airhose) with a mopar rv2 compressor 1-7 gal tank…grand general horns with 3/8 barb instead of soelnoid…they sound good

If you buy it as a kit it should come with everything you would need.

If you have time, you should try the live chat support on the Hornblasters website! Rigo was very helpful with all the questions I had and I’m sure they will be able to answer your question better than I could.

Hope you find one soon so you can enjoy the fun, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!!! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum. Be prepared to upgrade in the future to Airchimes as most do.

yup i bought the grand generals to hold me of till i find better…since mine sound close to a k3…im saving for a k5 or leslie rs5t…or something lol

How goes the horn search?