I'm such a jerk lol...but I love it!

The other day, I was at the mall (which I normally go to just so I can honk my horn in the parking garage!) and as I was backing up, some teenager with his loose piece-of-meat girlfriend tried to run past me. As he was running, he got really close and slammed his hand on my trunk. I got out because I thought I might have hit a little kid or something and he starts yelling at me and saying how I don’t know how to drive and that my clothes are queer (I had no idea that jeans and a white tee shirt were considered gay!) Anyways, I withheld any comments because I knew that I always get the last laugh:) I waited a few seconds and then went on my way. He and his girlfriend were walking with their backs to me and I just crept up and laid on my horns no more than 15 or 20 feet behind them! I’ll give the girl credit, she squealed a lot less than the boy did lol. No one was parked on either side so I just swerved around them and went down to the lower floor…and then I went back up lol! I started sneaking around and found them kissing up against their car near the back of the garage. So I backed up, went down the ramp again, and went up another ramp that would keep me hidden until I was right next to them. I turned the corner and BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! That’s what I love about parking garages…the sound just bounces lol. My very last chuckle came as I was pulling away. They hopped in the car and tried to follow me (they failed). As I watched in my rear view mirror, I saw the very same kid who called me queer…driving a yellow VW Beetle!

WOW lol, i love parking garages

haha great story.

haha nice

Nicely done!

haha funny story

I don’t condone scaring people just for fun but that A-hole got what he deserved, nicely done! You’re not a jerk for that incident.

well i guess i’m an all out f’n jerk lmao


haha undercover action going down there

good for you…:smiley: