i'm the new poster i found a forum i like

ok well i need to do this so you all get to know me

hi to all in the usa go away if your not
~insert long pause ~
just kidding

well let me get on with it
I’m joe 22 dob is 3/6/86
i live in orange ca zip 92867
so you can get a idea
i have lot of crap and projects
but not much time to get them done
i work as a CAD designer for ford
will post pic’s asap need a new digital cam sis stole my last one
and lost it

my ranger is a 1996 reg cab with a 2" roof chop 3"body chop
and custom made frame. all me back in high school
2 10gal tanks 4viair 480c and 2 yes 2 k5la’s
3/4" valves on all bags and k5la’s run at 165psi
it has a toyota supra 2JZ-GTE twin turbo under the hood
modded to 477hp 391tq lol

my accord is a 1991 cb7tuner
has 5gal tank 2 480c at 200psi
suicidedoors.com bag kit
2 sets of hb4h
r34 body kit
flat black (for now)
h22a boosted to 9psi (with a switch on my dash to jump to 14psi)
17"rim’s and 14" brakes
dyno at 11psi 453hp 301tq

explorer is a 1993 xlt
modded for bass comps
4 fi btl 18" subs at 12Kw rms ea
in a wall with 302*³inch of port at 47hz
8 2700amp batts and 3 270amp alts
feed this thing
hit 173.91 in test run at 11.9 volts (norm is 17.2 volts) at 49.8hz
with termlab pro at dash (blew my windshield across my yard)

well i hope i can get a cam soon so i can show you all.
any ? just ask :rolleyes:

some pic’s of ranger in profile
and yes i did all paint in my home shop

i forgot to add that i will be making CnC parts for
horn’s soon i will be getting a 5 axis 4ftX4ftX4ft
cutter for my home shop will see how it go’s
i have a 120watt Co2 laser set up now if anyone wants
some thing send me a pm

That’s awesome bro! Welcome to the forums. Glad to have you here.


Welcome! Nice write up! and now all we need is pics!

oh ya welcome!

welcome and pics are always a plus

a 173 db on a termalb with 4 btls…well damn, pretty insane but in a non heavily modded car…seems pretty high. Unless of course you have it full spl prepped then nvm.

Love the ranger setup, a 2JZ in a freaking ranger? That’s straight sick.:cool:

the front of the exlporer has been gutted and covered in 16ga steel
has only one seat and at the time i was waiting for my 2.25" windshield

the west is the best.

s4joe, have you taken it to the mooning of amtrack in san jan capistrano?

They canceled that event; too many people showed up…

and there was usually a lot more being exposed than just butts. there were almost always kids around too.

What’s up guys? Just wanted to say hey! I have had my system installed since January 10, 2009 and can not be happier with my horns with attitude! I bought this system: Shocker S4 Train Horn Kit with Viair 20008 Air Source. Installed by Kim, John, and Rob at HornBlaster/Lighting Enterprises in Fullerton. They did a very clean install on my truck. According to them, one of the best they have ever done. If you care to see how well they did, here is a link you may check out if you care to do so…


Hope you guys enjoy the pictures, have fun out there.

Sorry, I’m a Charger fan and tell all Raider fans to move to Oakland…lol:rolleyes: (just kidding)

Welcome to the forum. That is a good looking install.

Man… you love your truck!!! just watched ya vid… Loving the Lambo doors!!! Nice install to!

Thank you, I have not posted what I have done since the horns have been installed! :wink:

Go to the link below to see the rest of the modifications…

well i got hit with the big ticket last week for the horns and im out of work so the hb4h and vair 20007 air kit are up for sell all ya need is wire to get it going and maybe more air line
im think i might post them on crags list tonight for 350$ + shipping (the ticket is 934$)

you have 12kws to EACH BTL? WTF

Joe, where were you when you got that ticket and who did you blast?

ya 12k sounds way to much for one btl…

and a 1000$ ticket? wtf did u do?

Wheres the pics??? I wanna see the roof chopped ride? Have you had to sell ya camera?