In Cab gauge set up

I installed a kit from hornblasters, which is awesome, and I now want the psi gauge in the cab. I have not been able to find anything specifying how to set this up. What have you guys done? It will be connecting to the 5 gallon tank…

what kind of truck/ car do you have?

I have a 07 F150 and mounted my guage in a custom pod made by roush.

You can do an electrical gauge like J.wal or you can do a mechanical gauge and run a small airline into the cab.

I want to go with the mechanical. While on hornblasters the only gauges that aren’t electrical have large fittings and I don’t want/need a large line… I have tried looking online but I don’t know exactly what I need. I pretty much need a parts list for a set up.

I used one of the hornblasters guages, ran it with 1/8" airline. Finding fittings was tougher that it sounds… standard 1/8" from home depot were too big… was some special brake line fitting i ended up finding up at a auto store.

heres a crappy pic but it works…

I didnt want to cut out a hole in dash, or get a pod as of then so i drilled a hole in back of cubby and gauge sits in there.

That is what I am trying to figure out I guess, what to get.

On a side note, any tricks to quiet down the compressor? I have a viair 400C and i mounted it under the bed. Unfortunately I found out that the bed acts like an amplifier. I am thinking a rubber buffer might work, or going extreme and building a shock mounted cage for it.

Oh yeah, I have a 2010 Tundra.

Thanks for the help!

Get a pillar pod for it.

how do you guys feel about the wireless guages from hornblasters? anyone running one and how well does it work??

What the heck is a pillar pod?

Nevermind, google’d it ;-p

You bet. Make sure if you get one it’s the right oem color and also a pillar that replaces the whole a-pillar not one of those crappy half or qrtr ones that look real tacky.
the above link is what i got for my “in cab gauge”. haven’t had a chance to mount it yet, but i figured with the spray paints you can get at any automotive store it would give me ore options than a pillar pod.

am also following the post closely to see what suggestions show up about quieting the compressor…

I still haven’t done anything about the bed amplifying the compressor but I figured I would share what I did for my gauge install.

Both the gauge and the words are backlit and the second needle is going to be for my air bags. I bought the panel from and I love it!

Looks great!
Is the horn rocker momentary? Or is it SPDT for switching between horns for the steering wheel?

It is a momentary switch. The compressor switch has a LED and turns the pressure switch on and off. I wired it all through the an ignition wire so my boys can’t blow it without me having the keys in.

How does that come? Did you cut the hole for the panel? Looks recessed in there. Or do they send the whole plastic piece with it already in it?

Pillar pod :smiley:

I have a small 200psi gauge fitted in my flip up dash compartment.

The gaugeplate site make them to replace existing panels on your truck. Mine had a small panel and pocket with one switch on it. I relocated the switch and put in the new panel, no cutting required. I wanted it to look almost factory and I think it does.