Indiana Here

Just another guy with some horns that the wife is starting to get accustomed to. haha

Welcome to the forum. I’ve read a few posts here about wives that originally objected to loud horns until they blasted some idiot on the road…LOL


My fiancé loves the horns now that she got over how much money I put into them haha

Welcome to the forums!

Umm i think its goin to take the wife a while to get over what ive purchased shes still giving me those not impressed looks you know the ones
But one things for sure she will get over it once she has used it a few times HaHa :slight_smile:

Mine thought I was nuts until she had to blow the regular horn at someone, which didn’t get their attention. She nailed them with my K3LA and it was a different story.

She used to give me a bad time about the cost and ever since that day she used them, I’ve “been told” that once my K5LLA is powder coated and on my truck, the K3LA will be going on her truck.

Household 6 has spoken!


Yep, she is slowly coming around. Once my K5LA is finished, my K3LA is going on her truck, and she is good with that as long as we dont talk $$$$ Haha