Inspection time

Well it was inspection time and as yall know i just installed my air horns on my crotch rocket. Well its like giveing a kid candy and telling him he cant eat it.
The guy goes through the lights and everything on the bike then he asked for the key and says the inspector will be out in a moment and he asked me to go inside and have a seat and wait for hjim to be done.
So im waiting inside the shop and i hear the horn go off then i hear yelling… almost like there was a bar fight in the shop room. I immediately started laughing. By now most of the staff was running to the garage where the commotion was to see what it was all about… and there it goes again.

I thought it was the funniest crap ever… they didnt expect a horn like that on a crotch rocket

lol nicee did it at least pass after that?


*note: crotch rocket being inspected at harley dealership
cuase fued of crotch rocket and cruisers always going on
so i thought id getm good

different in delaware… u stay on the bike and do everything during inspection… u never leave ur bike…
plus i doubt u can fail a bike for a horn like that… bike needs all the things it can to be heard or seen

I agree with scaredu, a guy on a bike needs to be noticed by any means available.

If there were inspections on motorcycles here, I’d move.
Once you buy a bike new - its compliant at the time of delivery and it never gets inspected again here in California.

i wish they would in FL, all these bastards saw off there exhaust and ride around…

I love Arkansas, no inspections on anything haha. I do wish, however, that they would do some sort of inspection on the old ghetto cruisers that smoke up the town. Looks like a smoke screen when they go by.

give it time, states are putting tighter controls on smog due to the so called global warming.

alabama dosent have inspections either AND to get a consealed weapon permit just give em’ $20 and wait for them to mail it to you hell yeah! no stupid saftey course

With the larger displacement engines in some of today’s trucks, especially farm equipment - I think you’ll see smog mandates hitting industrial vehicles a whole lot harder and sooner than you’ll see any crackdown on modifications made to otherwise stock motorcycles.

that’s true since California is already putting tighter restrictions on diesels.

I wanna move to CA soo bad!!
Im comin to LA for vacation tho next yr!

yay for FL

I recommend the winter time even though we’re getting a good one, which we haven’t had in a long time.

Just stay away from the hills that recently got burnt to avoid the mud slides.

ill be out in LA a few times! but im may i should be out there for a week!

Our summers are usually a milder than the rest of the country too.