Install of Rocker 2 gallon kit in a 2010 Toyota Yaris 2dr Hatch

upgrade to shocker but didn’t put in the 19in or 16in put in the 14in and 12in sounds more like a truck very sharp sound goes right through you.

They are??? Could’ve fooled me:confused:

yeah I knw new cam pics didn’t load have to take pics with old sony cam…will put up tomorrow >>>>>>>>>>>

Nice install. how does it sound?

BTW - welcome to the forum!

Where are the horns mounted?

Mounted under the left front of fender skirt behind fogs also cut plastic on bottom so the horns can be heard.


Sounds like a big rig. For two horns they are loud and gets people movin.

People just don’t expect sound like that to come from a small car. Most times when we let the Shockers roar on our little Swift people look around dumbfounded to see where the heck that came from. :wink:

Great job - enjoy.