install on 04-08 ford f150

has anyone in here done an install on a 04-08 ford f150 and can offer advice or their own mounting and wiring diagrams?

well wiring would be a pretty much the same as all set ups… but i would recommend a frame mount or a tool box would be great for the tank and compressor!!

yea i did want to do a tool box mount, but didnt want to drill through my bed. im prob gonna fab a table for them to sit on under the bed in the open space i got… i just need to find out which wires are my factory horn wires. i want to run it to them so when i flip the switch i can hit my horn for the train sound. and with the switch off it will be the factory air horn

find your horn, when you find it it will have a hot and a ground… use a test light to check which is which… run a two way toggle… when you determine which is hot cut it with enough room left to splice into it… run the hot end to the middle of the toggle… and run one from one side of the switch back to the other side of the cut wire… run the other side of the switch to your solonoid and walaaa you have a toggle switch horn :slight_smile:

will the compressors heat be an issue in the tool box?

dont think so i have 2 480c’s in mine and they never overheat at all

tool box for compressors is fine!

I put my tank, horn, and compressors all in my toolbox.

2008 F250

Heat will depend on how long the compressor runs and how long it gets to rest.