Install on an 06 Dodge MegaCab

i bought the two gallon kit form hornblasters and this is how my girlfriends dad and i installed it

I mounted the compressor perpendicular to the frame rail and the cab up towards the front of the truck

mounted the tank behind the compressor

1 pair of horns behind the tank

pair 2 behind the first pair

I used that angled metal with the holes in it to run along the frame rail and the cab, i used the bolts for the tube steps on my truck for the piece of metal against the cab and i drilled and tapped the frame and bolted the other piece of metal on the frame rail,

then i used two pieces of flat stock to drill holes in and mount the compressor and the tank on on top of the two metal pieces.

The horns are very light so i mounted them to the frame rail using self tapping screws and the metal with holes in it

before you mount the tank make sure to attach all fittings into the ports on the tank and the compressor hose to the tank.

after everything was mounted i spliced a wire into the positive lead of the stock horn to a toggle switch and from the toggle switch to the valve that would open the air from the tank to the horns. - this will allow you to use your stock horn button to honk the train horn and your regular horn at the same time, and when you want to flip the switch and you have just your stock horn back.

Next i hooked up a wire to an ignition source and ran it to the relay, after that i ran a fused 12v wire to the relay. use the ignition source or the compressor will kick on and kill your battery

from there i ran a wire from the relay to the pressure switch and to the compressor - all of the relay and pressure switch work cuts the compressor on when pressure goes below 115psi and cuts it off when it gets to 145psi

after this you ground the compressor and the valve

then i took the air hose, ran it from the tank to the valve from the valve to the manifold and from the manifold to all of the horns

lastly i put on my filter and i just pushed it through one of the holes on the metal that i installed

NOTE eveything will be tight but it will fit

after all of that VIOLA! completely hidden triain horn

videos soon (as soon as i can get away from my schoolwork for a while)

Very clean install. and nice truck

Very very niceee welcome

thanks for the compliments and im glad to be here

very nice install!

nice i like that truck and nice install

looks good

Great Truck and installation.

Looks nice and stealthy. Got any sound clips?

You really did do a good job. I saw you posted this on as well. Thank you.

Be careful with that strap… its not structurally sound at all. Your truck will put added stress on these components due to the twisting of the chassis and the weight of the components.
Otherwise, kudos for using the available space!!

(If it were me, I’d build racks from steel plate, weld mounting points on, and bolt it all into place…)

Very nice truck BTW!

no problem i love the product…sorry i have been busy as poop and havent used my computer for anything except writing papers

Thanks for this install post. I’m looking to mount a K3LA under my '08 3500 so this gives me some good ideas.


I’d like to know how that works out. I’m waiting for a guy to let me know if he’s gonna part with his k3la’s, but am having a hellofa time figuring out where i’m going to put them… ugh…

oopsy… :o

Dear Megacab,

Looks like a great job, if you get a chance post a picture of your controls in the cab…

And I am wonder how long will two gallon tank blow your horn ???


I have to agree. It may look good, but if the side off the frame rail is not fastened, That will not hold up under normal road conditions for too long. I hope I’m proven wrong.
Looks to like the solenoid is pressing against the top, (or bottom depending on how you look at it), of the bed. I don’t know for sure, but that can’t be too good for it. Just thinking if you toss something in the bed. SNAP!! One lees solenoid. LOL.
Didn’t mean to sound too critical, or claim to be an expert, just my point of view.
Let us know how it works out.