Install on Dodge Cummins 3500 Dually?

Can someone point me in the right direction if anybody did an install on a Dodge Cummins 3500 dually. I will be getting the HornBlaster Shocker 127VX kit

Thanks in advance

no body has installed on a dodge dually before?

dont see any duallys but you should have plenty of room


I’m installing a kit on my '08 Dodge 3500 QC SRW longbed later this summer. I didn’t need a dually but I love my Cummins engines so much I also own an '06 2500 QC SB, which is the wife’s truck.

I plan on mounting my tank and horn on the passenger side frame rail, and will probably use some stainless steel sheet metal to form a protective box for my horns and compressor to help keep the element of the both of them.

I’ll post up a huge article on the install once I complete it because I want a good oil burner install.


Be careful how you install the air source kit that comes with the Shocker 127VX kit. It will likely be best if you install it in your bed to keep it upright. Its not recommended to run that tank/compressor combo upside-down since you wouldn’t be able to drain the air tank, and would be pumping air against accumulated moisture in the tank, not to mention the negatives involved with not allowing the compressor to cool adequately.
The air source with this kit also does not have a removable/replaceable/relocatable air filter, so you’ll want to protect the unit from the elements.

Marine One,

thanks for the info. i plan on installing mine within the next month or two. Ill do a good DIY on it when i do it with lots of pics and video.


thanks for the info also. i was thinking about the tank and compressor with that system and how i would mount it. when i was lookin at it i was thinking it might be hard to mount it under the truck, and was thinking that it would be better mounted in the bed of the truck. the only thing i was thinking about that was the power cable for the compressor being so far away from the battery? what if i put two pieces of angle iron under the truck from the frame to something else and mounted the tank upright? or something along those lines.

If it were me, I’d use a separate tank and compressor. At least that way, you can choose where things get mounted and keep every more low profile. Running an air source kit under your vehicle makes for more work, and due to the height of the unit - you’re likely to have it hanging down further than you’d like. Remember, that air source kit is 13 inches tall overall.

I just installed a Leslie RS3 on my 06 QC SB Diesel. I mounted the Comp under the hood (Viair 480). I mounted a 7 gallon tank under truck between fuel tank and spare tire. The horns are mounted beside fuel tank above the exhaust pipe. I will take pics on Sat and post them. I wish I would have taken some during install. Also mounted a knock-off GW valve from HB inside truck…Also a BIG THANKS to Garret at HornBlasters. You are the man. Great price and overnight shipping as promised.You guys rock

Pics would be great, thanks!

Here are the pic’s of my Leslie RS3 on my Dodge 2500 QC SB 4x4 Diesel. I made a flat plate and bolted it to motor. Mounted 7 gal tank between spare tire (35") and fuel Tank. Horn is mounted in a space between fuel tank and cab above the 4" exhaust pipe and drive shaft.

Is that lever for blowin the horns, where did you get that from? it looks cool!

Yes. I got it from HornBlasters. It’s a Graham White style valve. This one is a knock off. It works great. I have not finished it yet. I think I’m going to paint it to match my truck but I’m having waayyy tooooo much fun to take it back off for now…LOL

hahahahaha, cool! you should post some vids of you blowin your horns