install on new truck

got in a hurry towards the end so i got sloppy. im cleaning up the wiring today. selenoid valve actually make horns seem louder since its more abrupt.


dam you got a nice setup

awesome looking truck, and great setup! where did u get the push connect fittings?

hornblasters…i love the push connects. the only thing is be careful not to over tighten because they will collapse and crunch down flat but all you have to doput them in a vice grip and bend them back. they arent very tuff connector.

The orange mat that everything is mounted to is 300000 watt powerline insulater…it is what my buddy uses at work they wrap it aroung live lines so they wont get shocked. its 300 bucks for a 3ft by 3ft peice and i picked it up for free because it had i tiny pin hole in it. that pin hole allowed current to jump shocking the poop out of brian so he gave the mat to me. I pulled over three times on the way home cause i couldnt tell if the compressors were working because i cant hear them

did you call them up to get them? i dont see them on the site??

what zise is that tank bro?

Just call them up and ask them. They also have heavy duty (all brass-no orange release) but they cost more. You have to talk to them on the avalability of there items. Last time i was there they were running low on the all brass ones. They also have one made specially for the shocker horns. Its half inch in and 4 (3/8 i believe) out and there all push to pulls. I have them on my gurls tiburon.

8.5 gallon. refill time is less thn one minute

yes just call hornblasters. took almost three weeks to get them as they sent the wrong valve and wrong pushconnects but all was fixed and im happy

Looks like you’ve got a kink in your line. Nice install though.

yeah i already cut it out. it made NO diff in sound though

dude this is awesome… it’s exactly what i have planned
nice to know you cant hear the compressors sweet

yea im going to install a small led light just to let me know when they are on

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I see spacers in the bumper from the “factory lift” looks exactly like my 2 inch body lift. LoL raise those running boards then you’ll like them. :smiley:

I’ll try to take pics of mine tomorrow even tho it’s dirty as hell and you can compare the running boards… I think that too much frame is visible when removed. But you know what opinions are like…

looks good. And they are like a$$holes because everyone has one

do a body drop… haha jp, too much work for that

i geuss i should have said “dealer” lift kit…The truck was a demo that they added extras to but was bought(by the guy i bought it from) with 800 miles i think. i like the wheels and tires and the truck looks fine to me. but go ahead and post some pics of urs. if its as spectacular as you say then i might have to do it…