Install Options For 08 F250

If anyone that has an 08+ f250 can help.or any installers…
okay well i got a F250…a K3HA.and a 9 gallon tank…
The tank and comp.s gonna be in the bed on a 2x12…thats easy but where can i put my horn…should be outside the bed.since i have a snug top… on the frame rails there are too many lines and plus they stick down too far…there is a spot like in the middle of the bed…but how can i reinforce the bed to hold the weight of the horn…???

mount it where your spare tire goes there are some threads around here showing how they are mounted

dont really wanna do that…i have an 8"lift so it will show big time…so like if anyone put it like in the middle of the bed??how can i reinforce the sheet metal…or will the metal itself with some good size washers do the job??
im all ears

how much are u asking for the k3la?

400 bucks for the K3la…and we can split shipping which is never past 45bucks…i live in houston where r u

I wouldn’t attach it directly to the bottom of the bed, personally. I would make a bracket out of angle iron that attaches to the frame rails and hang the horn from that.

the bed is bedlinered and used to for work…so it doesnt matter looks wise…just want the horn to be tucked up high…okay this is what i did…

Sounds cool…got an pics? Is this an 02 or an 08? Your post says 08 but your signature says 02.

this is my 08 250… the 02 is a F150.but i have a k3la on the spare tire location…i made the mount yesterday…ill get pics up by saturday when im installing the horns

Cool! Can’t wait.

Here the setup…i forgot to post on hear…i did it on the dieselgarage forum…anyways here are the pics…
thats my f250

this is the k3ha

my 9 gal tank

horn mounted on truck…its like 8inches over axle, off to the left of the center of truck…hard to see kinda sorry

3/4" vavle using 5/8OD,1/2ID lines…

my 2 480s sit on the passenger wheel well…inside the little vents things…heres a pic of the vent…doesnt show the compressors

nice and clean setup man, good job

i like the tank