Install Question... relays.

I want the air horns to operate only when there is power through 12v ignition wire.
I want to use stock horn button.

My plan is to setup a relay switched by the stock horn, with power supplied from Ignition 12v wire -to supply air valve. Before air horn switch activates relay it will have to pass through on/off toggle. I want stock horn to operate 100% of the time. And air horn to operate when these two conditions are met. 1- key in ignition, ignition powered on. 2- toggle switch in on position.

My setup will use stock horn relay AND a Bosch relay before air valve is opened.

How much delay will there be with this setup (2 relays+air valve) ?

Is there a better or easier way of accomplishing this?

I do not want my panic button or remote to sound the air horns if vehicle is off.

I will have 2 toggle and 2 relays.
Toggle1- switched with 12v ignition to relay load wire 12v battery. (compressor)
Toggle2-switched with 12v horn wire. Load wire 12v ignition.(air horn valve)

Any comments on this setup or any recommendations VERY appreciated.

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The relays are basically instant. I bet you could put 20 relays in a row and not notice a delay.

Sounds like a good plan as long as you properly fuse everything.
Oh, and I hope there’s a pressure switch inline with your toggle 1 list - between your ignition source and the coil side of the relay.

I bought the 540 conductor kit @ 619.00 … So I am assuming pressure switch comes with kit… For the compressor ill have a 30amp fuse feeding relay. Is it recommended that the load side also gets a 30amp fuse? More than likely the 12 v ignition will be protected with 1 amp fuse to relay. And possibly another fuse depending on how much current the air solenoid uses…? thanks btw and glad to be here.

I would just put a separate button for horn but i dont want to give myself away by reaching far under dash to press hidden horn button. This way I can look just as surprised as everyone else. Lol.

Yeah, it comes with a pressure switch. Just 1 fuse needed close to the battery for the main compressor wire.

I think the relay coil only draws about 200 milliamps so a 1amp fuse should work. Even a 5amp would be fine. So long as the fuse is sized less than the wire rating. If there’s a short, the fuse will pop before the wire melts.

Seems like the solenoid valve draws like 4-5 amps. Look at the solenoid black cover when you get it. I can’t remember if that’s part of the printing. Anyway a 10amp fuse should do it.