install train horn in a mustang???

can someone help me with where to mount the 4 horns.

and some install help? like a write up walk through? i found that one the guy made witht he truck. but i dont understand it lol.

i want to keep my stock horn . and just have the train horn wired to a button. for use whenever i want it.

and i am mounting the compressor and tank in the trunk. so i think i will need more air hose. because i will probably have to mount the horns in the front bumper or something.

my kit…

my car

what happened to the guy that was going to install them for you?

lol i cant get ahold of him. i used to see him every week at local car shows. but i havent seen him in a long time. now he doesnt answer emails or text’s… :confused:

i figured he is busy…

i think i want to do it like this

and this is like my trunk. i will mount them like this. except closer together. im going to get a duffle bag. cut a slit in the bottom. and set it over it so noone will see it lol

Do you have room in front of your radiator for the horns? You probably would need to make a bracket to hold the horns. Your application (like most) will need some custom fabrication.

Sorry, your last pic didnt load before my reply. That looks like a clean install.

yeah i am hoping to do something like that…

but i dont know how to run the wires. and i know i will need more air hose right? can someone draw something up on paint to help me with install? lol

like do i run one air hose to the front of the car. and then split it 4 ways? or what?

Run one 1/2" hose to the front and use a splitter near your horns. Not sure on routing on the hose…been awhile since I looked under a Mustang. Down the side, or middle? Whatever you do, keep it away from the driveline and exhaust. your wires would most likely be ran through the passenger compartment under the carpet.

just make sure all the air line goin from the manifold to the horn are the same size…
then either run the airline from the manifold thru ur firewall and into ur car, or down the frame and up thru the trunk…

use zip ties… They are your friend lol. it doesnt have to be super custom fab you just dont want them moving and zip ties will do that. I found them super helpful when doing my brothers volvo.

all my airlines are zip tied to my framerails… still holding up great!

zip-ties FTMFW

ok… i think the air lines that my kit came with is smaller than 1/2"… do i use the metal tubing stuff on the hose to make sure it doesnt get pinched or crimped?

whats the manifold?

you can use the line in the kit. its 5/16ths. 1/2 inch line will just make the air go to the horns faster, and probably make it louder.

under rear bumper

this is the button.
the far left is the air system, then the train, then the ooga, then the wolf whistle.

nice stang…

and i think i will do 1/2" air lines… where to buy them? give them a call they got every thing u will need

horns are no longer in it,

i had a few track days and now its snowing…
i am not sure what i am planning

so instead of blowing out air your sucking it in… what kind are they

Looks like about 70mm each. That’s some serious air.:eek:

wow those are nice twins on the front! ill check out hornblasters again… thanks