Installation complete on 07 Dodge Mega cab






I dont know what happened on trying to load these pics but here are some more. Thanks for everybodies help.

Nice truck. Where are the horns & tank?

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Your install looks great.

Thanks for putting those together, i dont know what i did when posting them. The compressor and the tank are both on the passenger side frame rails and the horns are under the front bumper on the passenger side. The compressor filter comes through the floor and is attached to the backseat frame so the seat will still lay down.

Fantastic install!!!

I’d love to hear about the tank mount you have; was this something you had made, or if it was bought from where.

I’m weighing some options to increase either the size of my tank, or going with multiples with my EDC, and I’m looking at some under the bed options. This opens a whole new set of possibilities for me.



Thanks. I made all of the brackets. I may have went overkill on all of the brackets but i did not want anything falling off on the road.

those brackets are sexy,

did you just bolt them through the frame?

Well done on the install!

Thanks for the comment on the sexy brackets. I drilled and tapped the hole holes in the frame and used blue locktite on all of the bolts.

Very nice. my friend just called me mentioned that his semi guy that works on all his big rigs just got in 3 trucks with 15 gallon tanks about 4’ long i told him to save me 1

so i guess im going to need to take your idea of drill and tappin the holes once i install this new tank