Installation in Dallas

I want one of these horns and want to know where I can get one installed in the Dallas area??

If those are too far away from you, you can always ask a reputable mechanic or car stereo shop to install it for you. The kits supplied by are very easy to install and come with decent instructions.

They are about a 25 minute drive and I wrote their #s down and will call manana. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey dude, You may just wanna get the kit from us and give yourself a chance to install it yourself, it’s really easy, worst case scenario you get a 6 pack of suds and invite a friend over, Reading the instructions, two people can have them installed in less then two hours with MINIMAL hand tools. Unfold and cut the box, it makes a great mat to lay on when climbing under the truck!

Well matt is right about the install. If my 8 year brother can install a s4 on a golf cart by himself then you can do it to.


Looking to install in a 2001 Escape
I would like every thing hidden.
I am in Alliance, Ohio
I am all thumb’s
How to get all of this installed ??


how far ru from Lorain Ohio doug?