installed 8inch lift and 37in tires on my truck!!

Finally saved up the $$$ to get my truck lifted…

looks real good man.

37s man, you need to step it up… lol jp looks nice

Nice! Looks mean.

Checkout the front though, looks like you have some negative camber on the right wheel.

Yeah, those pictures were taken before the alignment was done… In those pictures it was all way out of wack. It took the tire shop about 1.5 hours to get it all straight :slight_smile:

looks awesome bro i like it

Well done, looks great!

Its feking huge!!!.. looks the dogs danglies!!! nice one Stunty!:smiley:

Looks good on this forum too!

Welcome to the club bro!

i love f150online too!

Looks good man! The nitto’s look killer. I’m trying to decide on the 40x15.50r22 Mud grapplers or the 41.14.50r22 Iroks for my next tire.

Nice RIZE man.

I can’t see the pictures here, but I will say “Welcome to the mile high club” (8" lift, 37" tires)

Iroks are hideous! I hate to see people put them on their trucks. They don’t last long either.

I looooveee my Toyo M/ts. They suck *** in mud though, become slicks very fast.

Mud Grapplers are awesome, they are just LOUD and don’t last long either.

I love the sound of the nittos… the girls hate it though. They call my truck an airplane lol, but I do love the way these tires perform in they mud… I have yet to get stuck, I am hoping I can get stuck at Perry mudbog this weekend…

WOW!! I would love a truck like that…Hey, I sat in a SRT10 Viper Powered pickup truck…It made me feel small… THERE HUGE!! I LOVED IT!!

It looks tops buddy !!!

Thanks for the compliments!

Go with the nittos i had iroks on my truck and they dont last no time and are really loud on the road. I now have nittos and they are alot quiter and arent wearin out near as fast. Only problem is nittos arent a great mud tire. But why go muddin it just tears stuff up trust me i learned the hard way lol

LOL u think urs sounds like a airplane…

My 42s hum real loud…then when the turbo kicks in its sounds like a real airplane lol :smiley:

but i really like super swampers