Installers in Chicago area

Anyone have any recommendations on train horn kit installers in the Chicago area? I’m comfortable turning nuts and bolts but not too confident on the wiring side of things. I almost pulled the trigger on a HB AirChime but Auto Art wanted $500 to install it.

Thanks in advance.

wiring these things are not hard at all

Im just south of chicago, I had a place do mine but they went out of business. Let me know where you decide to go.

where you located may have somebody tht can hook you up…gotta alot of ppl with truck shops tht do air suspension installs which is the same as far as wiring…I’m pretty much the indiana stateline from the east side of chicago to lansing…

I’m located in the Western Suburbs. I don’t mind a little commute if it’s someone that produces quantity work.

Welcome to the forum. Try checking with air suspension installers.

i’m in Nwi if anyone ever needs any help. i got a hoist which is convient. if you look at all the installs i’ve done in person you would think they came factory