Installing a kit in a house

Can somebody tell me what I need to install a basic train horn kit in my sports room? I’m guessing some sort of 12v to DC inverter? And then where could I find a pull cord switch? Any help would be great

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Your biggest worry is how to run the air supply. Compressors can draw high amperage and small 12v domestic power supplies won’t cope with that. You’re best to hook up a mains powered compressor for air. The rest is just an air solenoid and a momentary switch. The solenoid you can run from a spare AC adapter (e.g. from an old laptop or similar) - something which plugs into the mains power and then gives you DC out. The solenoids don’t need a lot of power, so anything that is capable of ~10v DC output should be fine (depends on the solenoid of course).

Momentary switches are dime-a-dozen and come in just about any shape and form. Go down to a local supply store and pick one. Go simple - anything that has lights inside the switch could trip you up and make it more complex than what it needs to.

Good luck, any questions - feel free to ask.

Horns inside ?? Cutting edge thinking.:eek::eek::eek::eek:

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I agree with DBO, if you have standard AC power at your house then get an air compressor you can plug in. They last longer, usually have less issues, and the performance to price ratio is better.