Installing in 2013 Tacoma

Anyone has any pictures with step by step installation for a 244 kit into a tacoma? TIA

It’s all about your desires… there really is no “How to” for installing… you have to get power from the battery through a relay to the compressors, then a switch for the horns…

Links at the bottom…

Make sure you run wire that is thick enough to handle the load you are putting on it… If you are running 2 Air Compressors, I would recommend running 6AWG wire to a Power Distribution Unit (PDU). Then run from the PDU to a relay then to the Compressor(s). Alternatively, you could use a higher capacity relay (such as an 80A relay, link below) and put that inline with the 6AWG wire, then break off from the relay to the compressors with 10AWG wire (you MIGHT be able to get away with 12AWG).

After that, you will need to run power to the onboard air tank pressure switch (I recommend using a switch here to turn power on/off). From the pressure switch, you would need to run power wires to the relay(s) used so when the air pressure is low, it will close the circuit and apply power to the air compressors, when the pressure gets high enough, it will open the circuit cutting power to the air compressors.

Once the power has been established to the air compressors you will have to get power to another relay (I would recommend a momentary rocker/toggle/Push button switch for this) to activate the air valve to the horns. Alternatively, this could be wired to your stock horn, if you went this route, I would recommend a rocker switch so you could cut power and use only your regular horn.

Depending on the size and make up of your air tank, you would then have to cap all of the unused ports. If you have an air tank with 8 ports (with at least one on the top (side opposite the mounting legs) and bottom (the side with the mounting legs) I would recommend putting it so that either the top or bottom is on the top or bottom (IE: mounted on the bottom side of a truck bed where the mounting feet are on the top). By mounting the airtank this way, it gives you the option to put in a drain plug (petcock) for manually draining the tank and/or another smaller electric air valve to allow remotely draining the tank of water build up.

You would have to then get the hose capable of holding the pressure of your system. All of the hoses and valves can be found at

***** Links *****

80 Amp Relay:

Toggle Switch:

Rocker Switch:

Push Button Switch:

Try HornBlaster’s install section.

Lots of pics for the Tacoma and how others have done their installs.


New guy here. I just ordered the conductors special 244 nightmare kit for my 2015 Tacoma. Did you ever install your OP?