Installing KL5A on a 2004 Silverado

Guys, great web page, great products, great forum. I’m glad to have found you. :slight_smile:

I’d REAAAALLY like to pick up the KL5A kit and install in my '04 (stock) Silverado. Rigo kindly suggested mounting them where the spare tire goes, and I’ve seen the photo where someone mounted them there.

Problem is I live in Massachusetts. With the snow/salt/ice, I don’t think I’d get 3 seasons out of any aluminum parts if they were mounted underneath the truck. I don’t want the horns up on top of the cab, nor do I want the compressor in the back bed. I will be blasting Boston area rude-jay-walking-Massholes and stealth is critical.

  1. Has anyone tried cutting the horn manifold and installing the horns in between the front grill and radiator?

  2. Might the tank/compressor combo fit underneath the crew cab back seat?

Any other recommendations?

Thanks guys,


make your own manifold and split up the horns. its alot of work and time but ive seen it done to a k3la

I have a 05 chevy 2500 and I pulled the spare tire out and used u-bolts to hang k5la’s facing forward. It worked out great with plenty of room. I will try to get some pics up. Hope it helps

That’s a good Idea with the U-Bolts, I’d love to see how you have it back there. I need to get under my Truck and Turn mine Forward, now that I got the Debris Screens for them.

maxx… Where did you get the debris screens?


$34 freakin dollars? ill have u some and sell em to u for 20 LOL

I mounted mine facing the rear and so far the people in front of me jump just as bad as the ones behind me. Living in Iowa they use 28% salt brine on the roads another reason I had mine powder coated. I was hesitant to mount mine where the spare tire was but now I can see it was the best place for it ,out of sight !

I got all of mine k3’s and k5’s facing downwards had to modify my bed plasma cut some holes and then put metal around the manifolds. But my leslie rs5t is mounted in the bed facing out…powder coat your horns…it will protect them…

I live in Minnesota and I was worried about the same thing what I did was mount my horns under my toolbox and put the compressor and tank in the toolbox that was it is away from the salt.

I also mounted a extra tank where the spare tire goes since it wound not fit in the box

this picture from inside my tool box is from my old setup before I upgraded my tank and compressor but you get the idea

also i put socks in each horn when its going to snow so that the snow does not compact into ice and mess up the horns

how long for your air zenith to fill your 14 gallon tank…0-200psi…??? i like the setup though…
i just put my dual 50 gallon tanks…its honking sweet…got all the air i need thinkning of taking on of the tanks of…my friends needs a tank for his EDC THAT HE GOT…

it takes about 12min from 0-120psi the presser switch shuts off early it should be 150psi. (horns not ment to run at 150psi anyways) this 14 gallon tank (5+9) is still to small im planing on adding a 9 gallon tank so it will bring the total up to 23 gallons

thats good, i run mine to 150 and regulate all hose lines to 113psi and my leslie to 126psi its the best psi for them

well best psi for tuneage and souding that what we usually run are horns at ALTOONA