Installing my Leslie RSL-3LR

Here is some pics of my installation of my Leslie on my dodge Diesel 2500. I think I am going to add another 5 gallon tank and another compressor. Since these leslies drink a TON of air. I just ordered an Air Lift 1/2” 300 PSI 12 Volt Electric Solenoid Valve so that I don’t have a 1/2" airline running through my cab. Scared the #*@ out of two girls tonite. They were trying to get a semi truck to honk his horn but he wouldnt. I could not pass the opportunity up so I opened my horn up and they screamed bloody murder and ran!:smiley: It was the funniest thing I ever saw. Wish I had my video camera though.

How much pressure are you running to them?

haha nice story!

hopefully not much more over 140 psi…CFM is what really makes the horn loud. 140+ psi will start to cut the reliability of the horn down.

And it’ll also damage the heads.

Just to nitpick some, that’s a RSL-3-L instead of a RSL-3-LR lol. No bells are reversed. You probably know that though.

yeah I made them that way. You can position the bells any way you want. And the builders tag says RSL-3LR. I got a 110/150PSI pressure switch from Horn Blasters. They told me it will be perfect for that horn. Tell me what you guys suggest.

Yeah man, I was just pickin with ya lol. I got a RS3L too. (didnt feel like typin the whole name out). That pressure switch sounds good. Does 110-150 mean it’s adjustable?

turns on the compressor at 110 and turns the compressor off at 150

from the first initial start up, compressors will turn on and build the psi to 150psi and shut off…
then once u blast ur horns and remove some of the air outta the tank, once the pressure in the tank falls below 110, the compressors will automatically turn back on and build the psi back up to 150psi…

nice setup, try to put insulation around the bells so they wont rattle any…

Will it fit on a 2000 Sunfire. I hate my peuny horn. Sounds like a crappy horn I want one that will scare the sh!t out of people who pee me off! LOL