installion help

i just bought the hornblasters shocker classic 228vx kit. just wondering where the best place is to mount everything. i have a 2010 nissan pathfinder. i live in rochester ny and during the winter the use salt on the roads. is it ok to put the horns underneath or is it better in the engine compartment. and for the tank and compressor, im not sure if theres room underneath, but if there is, is it ok to go under or should it go in the trunk?

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Check out the installs section on lots of ideas there…

The horns are plastic and can be mounted anywhere where and any way you want.

Tank and compressor can be mounted below on frame but will take a beating from the salt / snow they liek to use up here on out roads (im in buffalo ny).

If you do mount compressor on the frame the only way it cant be mounted is upside down, but sideways is ok. I have my tanks and compressors in the bed of my truck under the tonneau. Most everyone mounts them in the trunk / cargo space.


I suggest spraying everything mounted underneath with “Fluid Film” or “Corrosion X” before it gets covered in road grime. Then at the beginning of your cold season, rinse everything with freah water and spray it again.

thanks for the tips. now i just have to wait til i get it to get here and see what the best placement will be.