Looking forward to helping other and learning new tips and tricks in this section. I am no pro installer, but have been up to my armpits in wiring and electronics.

I’m considering purchasing the K3LA kit from Hornblasters. Has anyone installed a set of these on a Mazda 6 or equivalent car? I imagine I would have to cut a hole in the trunk of my car to fit them in…

Anyone have experience with car installs?

Donzo - Southern CA

Bolt them to the roof…lol…I am sure somone on here will be able to assist you soon. I am sure there is room somewhere underneath on the chasis to mount them. I have done a few audio installs from time to time over the years (nothing big) and the hornblaster kit was an easy install.

hey man if your not scared to cut the car up you can always mount them how hornblasters did the Maurader

If worse comes to worse, I’ll do the install like the Marauder. If I cut into the body, I might as well go with a K5LA - knowwhatImean?


Yeah im on my 2nd horn setup now… First was the Conductor special, now i have a k5la… I guess its been bout 5 yrs now since my first kit…
I’ll help out with any question to the best with my experience

Dood, are you me ? LOL
(I have the same setup, and my Conductors are still kickin’… and my K5LA is chillin’ waiting for installation right now…)

Yeah my K5LA waited for like 2years before I put them on my truck now…lol

Mine will be on very soon… I’m having a custom bracket made for it that bolts to my spare tire crossmember. The drawings are in my photo album on here. They still need some tweaking though!

Mine are bolted where my spare use to be as well… facing outwards…

My Conductors face forward… my K5LA will face rearwards…

(I’ll have C-4 ejecting from either side through pneumatic launch tubes… lol)


what ru mounting ur k5la on?

aight i just looked at ur artwork and seen what ur putting them on…
im glad i have a 12gallon tank, cuz the K5LA Eats up alot of air!!

ON my Tundra… 5 gallons… no worries, I don’t plan on hitting the button for more than a second or three at a time… Cops don’t even play where I live…

They’ll cite you quick as hell in Cali’…

cops are trying to get me now!! but cant cuz they need a warrent haha

guys your killin me with the photos of those k5’s, gonna set up a savings acct for a set. how long are the bells? might have to chuck the spare to mount the k-5’s in the spare tire location:D will the k-5’s handle 200psi?

hell yea they handle 200psi…thats what im running my k5 at… and man do they whistle!!

heck, if u need any ideas look up my name on photobucket. same user ID as here. i have 2 sets of 3chime detachables on my silverado and 1 set of the hb4b on my focus. both are also on the install gallery.

i already decided that im gettin another set of k5la!